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End of life Care (EOLC) Learning and Development

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Improving Access To Palliative Care

                        Source:  World Health Organisation – Palliative care   



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Underpinning values End of Life Care Core Skills Education and Training Framework

The following values underpin all the core skills and knowledge in the framework:

a) Person-centred practice that recognises the circumstances, concerns, goals, beliefs and cultures of the person, their family and friends, and acknowledges the significance of spiritual, emotional and religious support.

b) Practice that keeps the person at the Centre of multi-agency integrated care and support.

c) Practice that is sensitive to the support needs of family and friends, including children and young people, both as part of end-of-life care, and following bereavement.

d) Awareness of the importance of contributing to the ongoing improvement of care and support, participating as appropriate in evaluation and development, and of involving the people receiving care and support in that process.

e) Taking responsibility for one’s own learning and continuing professional development and contributing to the learning of others.

Source: Common Core Principles and competencies for social care and health workers working with adults at the end of life


The framework focusses on five groups:
  1. Unregistered Support Workers in Health and Social Care
  2. Nursing Associates providing general or specialist palliative care
  3. Health and social work students
  4. Registrants providing palliative care approach/general palliative care
  5. Registrants providing specialist palliative care


The training is divided into three tiers. However, it may be appropriate for an unregistered or registered health care professional to attend any of the training depending on their role.

Tier 1: Those that require general end of life care awareness, focusing on a community development, asset-based approach to care.

Tier 2: Health and social care professionals who require some knowledge of how to provide person centred, high quality end of life care as they often encounter individuals who need such support within their working environment. However, they do not work in services that primarily offer care and support for individuals approaching the end of life, their family and carers.

Tier 3: Health and social care professionals who require in-depth knowledge of how to provide care and support for an individual approaching the end of life because they work in services that primarily offer care and support for individuals approaching the end of life, their family and carers.

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The Framework is divided into 14 subjects, and we have added an additional core skills section. The framework aims to describe core knowledge and skills i.e., that which is common and transferable across different types of service provision. We have worked as a collaborative group between Berkshire West CCG, Sue Ryder, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare NHS foundation Trust to provide an overview of the training required to support good EOLC. If you identify that further specialist training is required, please contact the training hub or your local education and development lead.


Core skills  (click on each skill to take you to the training)

  1. Person centred end of life care
  2. Communication in end-of-life care
  3. Equality, diversity and inclusion in end-of-life care
  4. Community skills development in end-of-life care
  5. Practical and emotional support for the individual approaching EOLC
  6. Assessment and care planning in end-of-life care
  7. Symptom management in end-of-life care
  8. Working in partnership with healthcare professional and others
  9. Support for carers
  10. Maintain own health and wellbeing when caring for someone at the end of life
  11. Care after death
  12. Law ethics and safeguarding
  13. Improving quality in EOLC through policy, evidence and reflective practice 
  14. Core Clinical Skills


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